Registration Oct 7 — 13 Competition Oct 19 — 20 Judging Oct 21 — 24

Here are the fine folks that plan, organize, and run the Rumble. Make sure to say hello!


Tom Mango

@tsmango ·

Tom is the co-founder of Limited Run & Card Included, has been building software professionally for over a decade, and has a bulldog named Napoleon.


Zach Inglis Design Superhero & Judge Liaison

@zachinglis ·

Zach is a designer, developer, programmer, photographer, and video gamer. He previously worked at Hashrocket and Mark Boulton Design and is currently at Superhero Studios.


Peter Cooper Rumble Evangelist

@peterc ·

Peter is a publisher, programmer and author. He runs Cooper Press and Ruby Inside, curates Ruby & JavaScript Weekly & more. He's also the chair of O'Reilly's Fluent Conf.


Nick Mango Accounts Man

@alternate1985 ·

Nick is the co-founder of Limited Run & Card Included and is an avid fly fisherman.


Nick Plante Trusted Adviser

@zapnap ·

Original creator of the Rails Rumble. Cereal entrepreneur. Web product hacker guy interested in emerging tech and frosted flakes.